Why do I get large grey rectangles hiding text when converting pdf table to odg file

CCM_-_Baie_Missisquoi_73_km_2018 test.odg

This is a new problem but not related to the 5.4.7 release.

Sorry for the inapropriate Wiki posting. Not sure what it means but will not do again. I am new here!

I have added the original pdf file relabelled as a jpg file since the pdf files do not seem to be accepted. Just change the extension to pdf.

Hi @ClaudeG!

  1. Please don’t post as wiki :slight_smile:
  2. Unfortunately, you’ve posted a result of your conversion, which doesn’t say anything useful about reasons of what is in it, only the end result. It would help if you attached the PDF instead, to be able to examine its contents, as well as conversion results using different versions.

It seems that the PDF hadn’t been attached :frowning: