Why do I have to click below symbol on tool bar to get response?

Using Calc application on Windows 8.1. This happens in entire sheet and tool bar. For example, To save document I have to point with mouse below save symbol for it to highlight then I can click and save. I have removed and reinstalled several times and problem remains.

If you mean that you have to point the mouse below the button (outside the area that gets highlighted) you either have a problem with the accuracy of your mouse (I tried, but I can’t reproduce it in Libre 5.3 on Win 10) or the user profile may have become corrupted. Reset your user profile. See Frequently asked questions - General - The Document Foundation Wiki - important: rename the folder, don’t delete it.

Thanks for answering so fast. Your description is precisely what is happening. LibreOffice Calc is the only program in LO that I use. Calc is also the only program on my PC that has this problem. Is there a mouse accuracy adjust for LO? Are you referring to profile for LO or Windows 8.1? Just like to be sure I understand what could be corrupt before trying anything else.

Read that link, then you will understand. There may be something else going on, but a corrupted user profile causes many problems. And it’s often best to try the most obvious things first before you spend much time studying on possible causes.