Why do I keep getting an "integrity constraint violation" when switching to a sub-form?

I’m trying to create a form with multiple sub-forms but I can’t seem to get past an “integrity constraint violation” while going from my “main form” in the top left block to a sub-form in the top right block.

The “status” field that’s giving me problems should be all good. It’s in a list box that is connected to a list of various statuses in another table which all fine with displaying the options as shown below. The master/slave fields are good for both the ContractDates and Community subforms.

I’m new to Libre and I just don’t know what’s going on.

Edit: It is the current LibreOffice 7.1, Windows OS, and I want to say HSQLDB with embedded SQL. Here is a sample of my DB that is blank but contains the problem I need help with: /upfiles/16270735792824751.odb


When posting please include specific LibreOffice version used, OS and with Base the Database used ( such as HSQLDB embedded MySQL, etc).

Also your problem is not clear. Best if you could post a sample of the Base file without personal or confidential information.

Please edit your original question to add this information. See → How do I attach a file?

What I don’t see is a link from the sub forms back to the main form. Also the main form has both an ID and auto-increment field??

The main form’s ID is auto-increment


You problem is incorrectly setting tables. There was no linking for one-to-many relations. ID to ID produced a one-to-one relation. Hardly ever needed. Best to review Base documentation → LibreOffice Base Guide

Here is a corrected sample. Look at Projects2 form and see tables for modifications.

Edit - Corrected second sub form Sample ---- FixedSample.odb