Why Do I keep getting JRE defective error messages?

I’ve downloaded the most recent Java. I’ve downloaded the most recent LibreOffice. I don’t know what’s wrong but every time I try to open or create a database, it tells me Java Runtime Environment is required and the JRE I have is defective! I have four different files on the JRE window and NONE of them work. It has been suggested by someone else the that problem is I downloaded a 64bit Java and LO is looking for a 32bit Java. If that’s the case, tough! I am not digging around trying to find something to make this thing work. We are well past the stage when a person should have to write a file and a line of code to get his program to work. I understand this is a free program, but if it doesn’t work, it’s pointless!

As LibreOffice is a 32 bit program, it needs 32 bit Java to correctly match it. If you choose not to install 32 bit Java you will not be able to use those parts of LO that require Java.

@Ed61 you haven’t specified which operating system or LibreOffice you are using. Whether to install JRE or JDK, 32-bit or 64-bit depends upon the operating system and LO version you are using. Please see the answer in this post: click here

Install the 64-bit version of LibreOffice.

The JRE and LO have to be the same.

That is the same with many Windows applications.

I don’t think there are any apps on any platform that could use libs and such of opposite bit width.