Why do I receive a "identity of the developer cannot be confirmed" error under Mac OS 10.9.5?

I’ve had LibreOffice for years. Now with the release of, I can’t open the app because “the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed.” Get the same error message for 4.2.6. I run a Mac Book Pro, 13", mid-2009, 8 GB, 2.26 GHz 1067 MHz DDR3. The OS is 10.9.5.

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Sounds like bug 84352

bug 84352.

oweng, please keep stuff like that to other forums

Fair enough Tor. Apologies.

That appears to have done the trick. Thank you!

“LibreOffice builds fail Gatekeeper verification (i.e. won’t run unless security is relaxed to “Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere” in System Preferences – Security & Privacy)”

I actually didn’t select “Anywhere”. I saw the error message on LibreOffice with the option: Open Anyway. I chose that.