Why do my LO preferences keep resetting every couple of weeks?

On Xubuntu 16/04 LTS, running (currently) LO

I’ve not nailed down the exact time interval but every couple of weeks or so, virtually all of my preferences get reset. I can recognize it instantly because I have a pair of custom “all in one” toolbars for each of the apps which I use instead of the default toolbars. When prefs get reset, the default toolbars show up in addition, icon sizes / style revert to default, personal info disappears, default fonts, tabs, paths, etc. – All of this goes back to default. My custom toolbars are se LOparate XML files, so they survive, but that’s about it. I’m not in LO every day, so I can’t say exactly when it happens.

I’m not running any scheduled tasks that should affect this. I have backups running on a schedule, but I’ve not seen a correlation with that.

Any idea? It’s not a showstopper, but it is more than a little aggravating having to completely reconfigure LO every couple of weeks.


Most user preferences are saved in the User Profile but IIRC some details are saved with the specific specific document. Also some details are saved in registrymodifications.xcu in the profile.

Investigate these areas.

You could save a copy of the profile and copy it back. registrymodifications.xcu contains the recently used files list.

It might be worthwhile rebuilding the profile from scratch and seeing if that fixes it. Stop LO and rename …\user to …\user_old. Start LO.

Sorry for the late response - I was out of town (and away from connectivity) for a few days.

I have indeed saved a copy of ~/.config/libreoffice and I’m sure putting that back would restore it to a point in time. I even wrote a script to diff the files in the backup copy with the current files, but with normal operational changes that’s unwieldy at best. Of course that also means I’d have to maintain an updated backup copy of the my preferences. But that’s obviously a workaround an not a fix. :slight_smile:

I’m also aware that some settings are document-specific, but when things get reset it’s seen from the moment LO opens (with a default blank document).


Also consider blocking libreoffice updates if this is acceptable. Over here on Fedora Gnome would include something like exclude=libre* inside file /etc/dnf/dnf.conf
Not familiar with Xubuntu file system.