Why do Ubuntu PPA users have to wait weeks for new versions?

I know maintaining a PPA is extra work, but in the end, it’s really just a distribution for .deb files in a way, and to the most popular Linux distribution there is. If am always disappointed because it takes days, or weeks or longer until a new stable version of LO arrives on my system via the PPAs

Update: Basically the question is what can be done to ensure releases land in PPAs the same time they are available for manual download

It is testing and integration with system packages available on the distro that costs most and for 3.4 releases the Ubuntu/Debian packaging was still using the Rube-Goldberg-machine-like go-oo-packaging. We finally got rid of that with 3.5 (which was a lot of work in itself). Also note that there are packages avaliable for 3.5 in the ppa. It will take some time to backport these to older releases though.

You are most welcome to help out!


Bjoern Michaelsen – Ubuntu LibreOffice maintainer

P.S.: Sometimes backporting itself is not possible without loosing functionality, e.g. when a new version of LibreOffice needs a new version of some other package (e.g. PostgeSQL) - providing the backported update would mean to silently drop certain features that were available before as the external package is not in the ppa. That would not be acceptable to most users.

Work on Ubuntu/Debians packaging can be followed here:


BTW, Rico ( https://launchpad.net/~ricotz ) is doing amazing work quickly backporting my 3.5/precise releases to earlier distros now.

Because they are testing it before people should use it and they are adding some extrastuff also. Thats normal. And on Ubuntu its very fast. On other distros it takes much longer.

If you cant wait my little friend, whats the problem with downloading the libre.deb 3.5 by yourself (http://libreoffice.org/download/)? Or the tar.gz and compile it for your ubuntu? Then you dont have to wait.