Why do you hate users? Version:

The file recovery does not work.

You folks wasted hours of my time.

please quit before you hurt more people.

Captcha is just a slap in the face too. Every time YOU have a problem with my comment you make me go through that crp again? you folks really sck. Hostile programmers getting revenge on users.

libre writer latest version and the last version for the past several months

Windows xp

I hate you folks more and more very time I have to do that dmn Cpatch again.

Build ID: 3a87456aaa6a95c63eea1c1b3201acedf0751bd5

I hate whomever wrote this web site.

I hate you more.

And I’m sorry I’ve wasted minutes of my life reading one of the stupidest posts ever.

When I was young and had my first contact to the computer world - I had to use punch cards, 1 punch card for 1 command - I hated computer a lot because they never did what I wanted them to do…

Step by step I had to learn that it is not the computer but it is me because I made the mistake.

So after you, @donovan2419 got all the anger out of you, you can think about my lines above and your hate of LibO.

To tell you the truth, I am running an XP machine and use LibO since version 3.3. x. After comparing LibO with MSO for about 6 month on the same machine, I decided to switch over to LibO and do not regret this step at all. Currently I am using on an XP machine LibO and I am very happy with LIbO…

Did this give you some food for thoughts?

If you explain what you did and what the result was and what kind of settings you use in Tools > Options > Load & Save > General. A screenshot is the best. One or more of these very bad guys - like me - of this damned AskLibO forum might be so extremely bad and help you.