Why do you make it so hard to start a simple page number at something other than 1

Version English-- Writer-- Windows 8.1 English. After I go through the 20 odd processes half the time it still does not come out right. This is the only program I have experimented with so far that I could not just open a box, click start pager number and enter the number I want
to start with and there it is. Why so may steps to do in Libre? I find it time consuming, actually a total waste of time to be exact. My project has thirty three chapters. The first starts at 1. Easy enough. The second at 8 the third at 20 and so on. Using your software I will spent two hours just formatting pages. Foolish.

From LibO Help, to begin the file at, e.g., page “8”:

  • Click into the first paragraph of your document.
  • Choose Format > Paragraph > Text flow.
  • In the "Break"s area, enable Insert. Enable “With Page Style”, ignore the associated drop-down, and put “8” in the “Page number” field. Click OK.

(No, not the most intuitive.)