Why does Base keep freezing / hanging?

I have LO on Win 10 x64, and Base keeps freezing/hanging on me and I have to kill it with task manager. I’m trying this with some very very simple new databases (both HSQL and FirebirdSQL). I really want to use the embedded FirebirdSQL, but for example after creating two tables and trying to use native SQL to create a foreign key relationship between the tables, Base freezes up when I execute the SQL statement. If I try to create the relationship with the GUI tool, it also freezes.

I haven’t tested HSQL quite as much, but definitely experienced freezes very soon after creating a new HSQL odb document.


Since Firebird Embedded is still experimental you will run into an assortment of problems with it. I attempt to test it with every revision but find it unusable for regular work. Firbird itself is good but the Embedded version has been in the planning for LO for years and still not ready. You can do some VERY simple things with it.

HSQLDB embedded and external DB’s (I’ve used HSQL split & server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others) all work and each can have its’ own idiosyncrasies. Your having problems with freezing can be a problem with your User Profile (see this post to reset) or incorrect JRE install/settings (see this post). All mentioned here should work with proper set up.

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