Why does Base keep freezing then corrupting the DB when editing?

As a user of LibreOffice Base, I am fed up with the constant freezing of the application during editing. This has been a problem in Base since LibreOffice first began. I did not have this issue with Open Office. Because of this I simply cannot build my Database to the level I want because as I edit it, it freezes and never releases. This causes a force quit and upon restart, a message is posted saying the app needs to be recovered. Most of the time, this fails as Writer comes up and another post indicatng the file is corrupted or there is no path to the source. This means restart from the beginning. I have done this many times thinking that the LO team will find and fix this issue or post information as to why it occurs and how to fix or prevent it. I have tried other computers as well as other forms and techniques to solve the issue with no avail. I am so frustrated, yet I do not see more people ranting about this. I cannot be the only one facing this. If anyone knows the remedy please share.

Can you narrow your problem down with respect to what you are doing when Base freezes? If so, your problem may be a good candidate for a bug report.

The first step in solving a bug report is to reproduce the bad behavior. This will probably require the database you are using. Can you share your database with the world?

Thank you Terrence for your quick response. The only reference I can give you is that the freeze is random. Sometimes, I can edit for hours with no problem. Other times it can be as little as thirty minutes. I can sometimes sense it failing as the time to save or click out of an edit begins to slow down dramatically. If at that point I can save my work and click out of edit, then save and completely exit form Base and LO, the freeze is prevented. I can then reopen Base and continue editing.

If I fail to do this, the system halts with no response. All attempts to log out or exit from edit fail and I eventually get the error message of system is failing to respond which causes me to force quit. Sometimes recovery works but most times I just get a corrupted file. Finally, this DB is only important to me and can be shared if needed.

I assume you are using the standard Base embedded database. There does seem to be problems with this format. I think this is due to the fact that a base file is stored in archive format (ZIP) and the continual inflating and deflating can cause corruption. When a Base file opens in Writer it indicates that the file is corrupted. It is safer to use the split Base format. here the data is stored in a separate file to the front end components (forms etc.) and as a plain file.

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Thank you also. I am extremely grateful for your assistance in this matter. I plan to slit this DB with hopes that it solves the matter. It will most likely take a few days to split it, then diagnose if it works but I will report back ASAP. I will also check back in between for any other suggestions. Thanks again.

As a followup to peterwt’s answer you need to split your database into a front-end and back-end. See Splitting an “embedded HSQL database”. It is recommended that a split database be used to reduce the potential for corruption.

Thank you Steve for your comment. I am aware of split DB`s but completely missed the boat regarding the corruption prevention feature the split DB offers. I will further investigate this and see if it helps.