Why does Calc add unnecessary sheet reference? Can I prevent it from doing so?

I am using LibreOffice on a Mac running OSX 10.9.5 (Mavericks). When I enter a formula referencing another sheet, it changes all of the formula (formulas?) everywhere to include superfluous references to the sheet.

For example, a Calc document (workbook, in MS Office parlance) contains two sheets. Let’s call them S-One and S-Two. On S-One, I have a 700 rows of data, with one of the columns containing a running total, with a formula like [D2] =D1+C2, repeated into every populated row of column D.

If I then enter a value into another cell on S-One, such as [C10] =‘S-Two’.E15, LibreOffice Calc rewrites all of the formulae everywhere, such that S-One column D now contains entries of the form [D2] =‘S-One’.D1+‘S-One’.D2

The “local” references to S-One are unnecessary and distracting. For complex formulae, this extra, superfluous labeling only adds to the complexity and makes it much more difficult than it should be to understand what is happening.

Why is it adding these, even when they are unnecessary? Is there any way suppress this behavior?

(I understand that, internally, it probably does keep a fully qualified reference to the cell containing the formula operand. However, it should be smart enough to display for human consumption the shortest possible reference. I don’t recall this happening in the past, and I’m not sure when it started.)

This is no common behaviour. In fact it is a problem to get the name of the current sheet in/by a formula.
What’s the CV of your document? Is it loaded from a .ods file? (Not only extension; format of content!)
Was there intermediary save/load to/from alien formats?
BTW:Use sheetnames complying with the “classic” syntax. You can avoid the pairs of apotrophes this way. (S1, S2 instead of what you had. No spaces, no special characters.)
Attach example, please. Needed karma rained…

I don’t remember the bug number but it was fixed long time ago, upgrade to a more recent version, e.g. upcoming 5.2.7 or 5.3.3