Why does Calc not tell you when Encryption Software is missing?

When encryption software (OpenPGP, etc) went missing from my system, Calc simply, silently crashed on opening a password-protected file

Somehow, gpg4Win got uninstalled from my PC (don’t ask :slight_smile:

After this, when I double-clicked a password-protected file, the splash screen was displayed for a second or so, and then a very quick flash of the Calc window, then nothing.

I tried just opening Calc, then opening the file from the app, but nothing happened.

It took me quite a while to figure this out. After repair-installing LO, then uninstalling and re-installing LO, rebooting multiple times, then trying to find out what might have changed on my system, only to find the problem was gpg4win.

If Calc is having a problem with like this, why doesn’t is say so, rather than just silently crashing? No messages or anything.

Why doesn’t the LO installer say something when encryption tools are missing? Can’t it just bundle one of the (free) PGP tools?

May be you are right - may be not. Anyway - you hit the wrong people, since we almost all are users of LibreOffice just like you. For enhancement requests you need to address your ideas at Bugzilla (Generally: OpenPGP is not required to password-protect files)

All I can tell you is, Calc started crashing after gpg4win was uninstalled. It stopped crashing after gpg4win was re-installed.

I have submitted this to Bugzilla