why does calc take so long to open a file

I have a libre office calc program running on ubuntu 16.04 lts. I tried to time the opening of this file which is around
~3 or 4 MBs. I gave up at 20 minutes and some odd seconds, I was getting mesmerized by the seconds counting off.
Is this a known problem.?
Has anyone here found a cure for this long time load.?
The version is 6.1 LibreOffice.

Thanks in advance,

Rod, are your spreadsheets especially intensive in calculations or chart presentations?

Some of my files are a tenth the size of yours (300 - 400 KB) and take as much as 5-6 seconds to load. As my files have grown in size and complexity of calculations and charts presenting the results, the load times have also grown. (Using LO v5.4.5.1.)

Hi, I have tried to copy and paste a reply but the system tells me the content is forbidden. Any clues please.

Yes, comments are limited to a few hundred characters, so long ones must be split into pieces. Pasting a long comment often fails (“forbidden”) because it exceeds the length limit.

Hello VE3OAT, There are quite a lot of calculations in the file, until recently I had no problems ~4-5 seconds, then bit by bit it slowed down incredibly slow.
I am using Calc to log daily weather. Lowest Temp. Highest Temp. Rain. This is logged daily.
At the end of each month I sum the rainfall for that month. I get the lowest temp for the month, I get the highest temp for the month.

E.G. =sum(A1:A30) =min(B1:B30) =max(C1:C30)

I do this for each month. Then at the end of each year I put a table of each months high, low, rain. Then a bar graph of the table.

As stated earlier this didn’t cause any problem until recently.
I wondered if the thing had too many years, I divided the sheet into 2 year sections and saved them as 2017 - 2018. Etc.

Hope this throws some light onto the problem.


Hi, Rod,

Your files don’t seem any worse than many of my own, so I can’t explain what might be happening. You didn’t mention which version you are using, so I suggest either re-installing the version you have,

or installing a newer version,

or installing LibreOffice ‘Still’ (https://www.libreoffice.org/download/libreoffice-still/) which is a more stable and more extensively tested version than the usual releases. Let us know what happens.

… Martin VE3OAT

Thanks Martin, I tried ‘Still’ unfortunately no difference. Could there be a virus in the box.

Hi, Rod. The slowness is puzzling. I think it is not a virus unless you see other signs – some other programs run slowly, box is slow to boot up, unexplained activity on your Internet connection, etc. I assume you scan regularly for malware anyway. You say the problem started recently. Can you link that time to any other changes? Operating system upgrades, new software installed, arrival of suspicious e-mail, guest users on the computer? … Martin

@Jacko Hi, Rod, Resetting your profile (“restart in safe mode”) might solve your problem. See this problem :

I recently used this “trick” to solve a quite different problem with LO Writer and it worked great. Just follow the steps.