Why does column AMJ show up after issuing "show columns"?

  1. Create an empty calc-sheet
  2. Press Ctrl-A (select all)
  3. Press Shift and left-mouse-click on column A in order to remove Column A from the selected cells
  4. Right-mouse-click on top → “Hide columns” => Only column A is shown (as was our purpose)

Question: How can one easily make the other columns visible again? (Ctrl-Z, if you press it right away, of course, but that won’t work after you have closed the file)

If you try to “show columns” only the column AMJ is shown…

Anyhow, is there a proper way to show multiple columns again? It looks that you have then to show them back one by one, and in case you have hidden all the columns unto the right side, you can only get them back AMJ → AMI → AMH → …

Ctrl+A then Show Columns (surprise :wink:
Or to show only columns A to C input A:C in the Name Box and hit Enter, then Show Columns.

Thank you very much for your answer.

Glad to help. Then please mark the answer as correct by clicking the check mark icon. Thanks.