Why does 'copy and paste' remove bold and italics?

I am using LibreOffice Version: Writer. on a windows 7 pro machine.
Since doing this update from ver 4.1, documents ‘copy and pasted’ get stripped of any BOLD or Italics that were in the original text.

It used to be that I had to do a ‘control A’ to tell Writer I wanted a particular font and size of font. but the bolds and italics were left alone. Swapping out the orginal font used to the one I prefer did not strip the italics or the bolds.

Nowdays, it is getting automatically corrected to the font I prefer to use, yet having to go back in afterwards and double screen to find out which text got ‘de -bolded’ and de - italized is getting … rather old.

Please explain in details with key strokes you do and what is the result. Did you modify key assignments, is an additional question.

I wonder if this is an example of a known bug, fdo#77669 - @gillian could you have a look through that thread and see if it matches your experience?

Triggered by @dajare 's information of fdo#77669 I made a test in Writer using FF 29 and can confirm the bug

According to Commit Notification 2014-05-28 17:45:45 UTC in fdo#78801 the problem should be solved in 4.2.5 version.

Workaround is described in fdo#78801 to be ctrl+shift+v (paste special) and select html; tested, it works.

Copy & paste within Writer does not remove any formats only when copy&paste from internet pages is done.

Thus @gillian - did you copy&paste within your writer file or from an internet page into a writer file?

Copying and pasting from an internet page. will see if ctrl and shift, and v telling it to keep htlm coding words…

Formatting from page is saved, but, sheesh, I sure hope that the next upgrade to writer sets it back to before the the need for this fix.

I was afraid that I had somehow managed to ‘corrupt’ the version of libreoffice writer I was using.

Thank you greatly.

it works, but man, is that ackward. cant wait until the ver 4,2,5 comes out with that corrrected.