Why does Format Cells take so long to Open?

When I’m using Calc and I right-click a cell and choose “Format Cells”, it takes at least 30-45 seconds for the dialogue box to open the first time. Sometimes it totally locks up LibreOffice Calc and never comes up. Why is there such a delay?

what LO version and in which OS do you use?

I’ve experienced this using several LO versions on both Win 7 and Win 10: Win 7 LO 6.0.1, Win 7 LO, Win 10 LO, Win 10, & Win 10 7.0.2…

This seems to only happen the first time you open Format Cells. After that first long loading of this feature, it responds afterward within 1 second.

This is just a guess, version. The richest section of this form is the Date category, with many different date representations and a long list of available languages. Perhaps - IMHO! - it is the first formation of these lists that takes a lot of time. The Time category is also not small, but there are fewer views than for Date. If this assumption is correct, then the work of the form can be slightly accelerated by limiting the list of different languages ​​only to those that were specified when installing the office suite. In any case, this is not a topic for ask.libreoffice, but for https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/

My installation language is English. The original Cell Format does not matter. It takes a long time no matter what.