Why does Impress not present videos in full screen

Both my laptop and my desktop use Ubuntu 16.04 with Libreoffice… When I link or embed a video in a slide, the video presentation does not project in full screen but in the actual size of the video. All text and image slides project in full screen. This has been an issue for some time, at least since 5.3. Do you have an suggestions?
I asked this question on April 5, have had 45 views but no answer. Does that mean that I am the only one with this problem or is this something that nobody else does? This is really what I want to know. Is it a problem with my set up or with Impress?

I’m back to answer my own question. It is now September, 93 people viewed my question but not one of them answered. I am disappointed. Obviously others did have this problem because it is now fixed in 5.4. Thank you to the programmer who fixed this.

Thanks. I’ve been looking for an answer as well. I will try 5.4 out!