Why does it take so long to save spreadsheet

I work with 2 spreadsheet about the save data. One take a few seconds to close when I save it and the other takes over a minute when I save it. Any answers why?

Any answers why?

Maybe because one is 10 kB and the other 1000 MB. May be one is on local disk while the other save runs via modem network. May be one is .odt and the other .docx. May be one is influenced by a user profile corruption while the other isn’t. May be one uses a few numbers only while the other performs complex calculations using links to external data. May be… Guesswork could be endless without any technical information. You didn’t even provide your LibreOffice version and your operating system and much less any information on storage details and file format(s) you are using.

I had a similar problem in v6.4.4.2 while trying to save a file in .xls format. I was making multiple changes to this file on a daily basis. The solution that worked for me was to save it in .ods (the Open Document Format). No problems since.

Thanks, but the spreadsheet is saved in .ods format

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