Why does Libre Office lag on Mac while typing (Open Office & NeoOffice are ok)?

I just installed NeoOffice on my Mac after encountering bad lag (despite turning off Open CL, etc) on LIbre Office, while typing in tables or highlighting. Namely, words would delay in appearing. Highlighting would be clumsy and not select properly. This seems to be a common issue based on searching for “lagging” in this forum, which is very useful. The most useful hack I found was to increase the memory to Libre Office, but I have not done this.

In contrast, working in Open Office doesn’t have the same lag but is less refined in its interface.

NeoOffice costs money, but seems to be the best and smoothest option so far with no lagging. I hope Libre Office can solve this, but am posting this for the info of Mac users on this form.

Probably because there is lack of users providing thoroughly prepared technical details for performance analysis in performance related bug reports for macOS at bugzilla - but that’s just a wild guess, since this question also lacks in-depth technical details.