Why does LibreOffice keep marking words as spelling errors even after telling it to ignore them?

This happens with all documents in LibreOffice. If a word is not in the dictionary, usually because it is a technical word or brand name, etc, it highlights it as a spelling error. When I right-click on the word and select Ignore, it goes away. Until I edit the document in ANY way, or close/re-open it, and it re-appears again. Am I not understanding how this works? Polluting my dictionary by selecting ‘Add to dictionary’ is not an acceptable option.

I’m using LibreOffice on Arch Linux.

A tip:

Try to apply a different Paragraph Style to the paragraph (or a Character style for one word only) whic contains the Language setting value: None.

@Zizi64 is probably right it’s a language issue. But have you followed the path to the dictionary and checked to make sure that these words are in fact in there? (Under Paths in Options.) If adding words a second time did any good, then polluting Your Personal Dictionary really doesn’t mean much, since at any point it’s easy enough to just filter that out of the dictionary itself when whatever problem is finally handled. What does Calc do with the offending words when varying the language setting…not the one with general formatting, but the next tab?

Thanks for the reply. I guess I just don’t understand why the Ignore option is present if it does nothing?

You aren’t. The Ignore All option works for the current editing session only.

But that is the only option if you want the ignored words to survive between editing sessions. See floris_v’s answer. Also, pay attention to the text language. I guess, you mix languages.

You can define your own custom technical dictionary for technical terms, then add the technical terms that you rarely use to that dictionary. You can include the dictionary in the list of dictionaries to use for spell checking for documents where you will use those terms, and exclude it for other documents. If you never use such terms again, you can even delete the dictionary after use.

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