Why does LibreOffice shrink some documents when printing?

System: Windows 7 Home Premium
LibreOffice: V, Build ID: 8a35821d8636a03b8bf4e15b48f59794652c68ba
With some documents (whether odt or doc or docx) when sent to print they are shrunk to about 2/3rds correct size. Same document on same computer when sent to print by another computer on the same network prints correct size.
Have checked printer settings and have re-installed LibreOffice on problem computer and checked all LibreOffice settings I can think of.


Is Tools Options Writer Print Compatibility: Use printer metrics for document formatting set the same way on both pc? (see help explanation)


Thanks Pierre-yves. "Use printer metrics for document formatting was unticked on both computers, but when I ticked and saved a problem document on the problem computer and then unticked and saved it again after closing and opening LibreOffice, the problem seems to have gone away and the affected docments are now printing normally. Thank you very much.

@ChrisA1 Good news, thank you for the feedback…