Why does LibreOffice want access to a lot of unrelated software on install?

Just went to install LibreOffice and it wants me to shut down so it can modify a lot of software on my system, include software related to iCue, keyboards, the mouse, the Nvidia drivers, etc without any explanation of why. What is it trying to do?

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Never had that happen to me, but then I don’t have ICue. Are you sure that you didn’t pay for a copy filled with malware? And I know that Libre is free as in you don’t have to pay for it, but there are places where you can pay for a download link.

When discussing installation issues, it really helps to add info about version of operating system and LibreOffice.

Nope, downloaded off the official website. Windows 10 Pro, LibreOffice 7.0.4.

Screenshot of the install dialog: https://i.imgur.com/QmhjILS.jpg

LibreOffice installs / upgrades MS VCRedist, a component shared with many other applications built using MS Visual Studio. It’s normal that programs that use it need to be closed to avoid reboot. However, it’s just a guess that this is VCRedist; the dialog is populated by Windows, and we don’t know what conflict actually happened. See also tdf#69066.

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@mistwalker, did you find an answer off-forum?

I just encountered a similar issue when installing LO 7.1.6 on Microsoft Windows 10 V.19041.1237 and Nvidia Graphics driver 456.71.


@ma2oliveira did you read mikekaganski’s comment? That is the answer.
Read the other comments, make sure you download from LibreOffice.org, check the MD5 sum and follow General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki for installing