Why does LibreOffice Writer only print 4 pages of doc

OS: Zorin Os 15.1 (based on Ubuntu 18.04)
Printer: Canon PIXMA MG5320 - latest drivers installed

I print a doc and only 4 pages show up truncated sometimes halfway through a line. I can print from windows OK (I am trying to migrate away from Windows). No error messages.

That sounds very peculiar.
Some questions / things to try :

  • Can other applications print beyond your 4-page limit? (I’m looking to see if the problem is in the printer queue, or in Libreoffice.)
  • If you make a multiple-page document (which you won’t be able to print, beyond a certain point, form LO), then you EXPORT that to a PDF and view or print the PDF with some other application, does it go beyond the 4-page limit?
  • Is the problem specific to LO-Writer? Can you print a 5-page spreadsheet, for example?
  • If you have a document that can only print so far … and add something in the region that does get printed (an image on P3, perhaps), does the point at which printing stops move or stay the same? (I’m probing at “buffer full” situations.)

Hope this helps to elucidate the problem.

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