Why does LO writer HANG

mac 12.6 LO 7.3

anytime a doc is left open, without some sort of edit/activity for 15-20min, LO hangs; force quit is the only escape

Often, even after quitting and re-launching, it will spawn ‘another instance … or your personal settings are locked…’ message.
There is no other instance, and nothing has been knowingly lock, taht I know of.

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 8.10.59 pm

Do you perhaps have a too diligent antivirus program or another tool that you have allowed to perform monitoring?

Save all your work, close the office and delete file
~/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/.lock

… because when you

the normal profile lock file couldn’t be removed, as happens normally; and so the next time the program launches, it sees that leftover. It is safe either to ignore the warning, or to remove the stale lock file.

Which, however, gives nothing to resolve the original problem - why does it hang Writer. Try to find something specific: is that any document, or a specific document (or a subset of documents)? Is saving documents lengthy? What is the document file type? Is it password protected? Does this happen with newest program version?

Villeroy - can’t see any hidden, usual terminal cmds not working, eg chflags nohidden ~/Library/, or cmd+opt+period
mike - ok, remove lock file: would if I could find it
it has been hanging for months, multiple versions

  1. I save frequently, really frequently, type and save; if that gap is too quick, it is likely to hang; so 'lengthy is definitely not an issue
  2. take a grab, and drag and drop from the desktop; again if too quick, it will hang,
    I write LOTS of config docs, text, lots of tables, occasional window grabs
    I only use LO Writer docs .odt, spawned on my mac mini
    never pw protected
    only user=me
    been happening for multiple versions, current