Why does LOW v (x64) not correctly line space for liberation sans font?

Spacing is correct for the first couple of hundred 1.5 spaced liberation mono lines, but then they become wider and none of the 1, 1.5 or 2 line spacing options correctly place them.

The line spacing is specified in the paragraph template.
It can also be specified via the Format > Paragraph menu.
However, if possible, a paragraph template should always be used.

You have probably used different settings.
Place the cursor in a paragraph and look in the sidebar on the right to see which paragraph template is displayed.

Use a uniform paragraph style for the text (without headings).


If you have taken text from other sources, you can never know the format of that text. Once you’ve pasted it into Writer, highlight it and choose Format> Clear Direct Formatting (Ctrl + M). You can now assign the desired paragraph style.


Here’s how to assign paragraph styles:



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