Why does Marathi autocorrect not work on Ubuntu?

I have installed the Marathi spell checker for writer from…


Spell check works as expected. But auto correct does not in libre office 4.0 (Ubuntu).
I tried to copy the relevant file to the auto correct directory.

cp acor_mr-IN.dat /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/autocorr/

But this does not work and the words like कटीबद्ध do not change to कटिबद्ध automatically.
It is working as expected if I use windows OS instead of ubuntu (13.04)

The auto correct part of the extension does not work even if the entry is there in the list. For e.g. the attached screenshot shows that the correct spelling is suggested but not corrected.

That particular extension is old, although it is stated as working with v4.0. I think a bigger issue is that there is no entry for the indicated word:

words like कटीबद्ध do not change to कटिबद्ध automatically.

The list of auto-corrections can be found in the v1.1 OXT in /autocorr/acor_mr-IN.dat/DocumentList.xml. There is no instance of कटीबद्ध and these are the only lines containing कटिबद्ध:

<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="कटिबध्द" block-list:name="कटिबद्ध" />
<block-list:block block-list:abbreviated-name="कटिबध्दतेने" block-list:name="कटिबद्धतेने" />

Problem solved. This was permission issue. I had logged in as a user other than the one who had installed the extension.

Your comment suggest the answer is quite different from the given answer that you marked correct. Don’t you want to give another answer? It makes things clearer if the right answer is marked correct :slight_smile:

@bencomp, fair comment. There appear to have been two aspects to the question: a) general claim the extension does not work; b) screenshot and text giving a specific example. My answer concentrated on (b). I often ignore general claims as they are too difficult to answer.

Thanks for your help!