why does my footer font keeps changing back

why does the font on my footer change back to Times New roman after I save it as another font? My document is in Calibri font 14 pt. I created a header and a footer with page numbers. The header is OK, it stays at 14 pt Calibri, but when I change the footer and SAVE, then close and reopen the document it’s back to Times New Roman. Why does this happen and how do I fix it…

To enable an answer, could you please provide some more information. Please see: What information should I include in a question in addition to OS and LibreOffice version? - #4 by ROSt53 — and provide steps you took to change the font, information what is in your Style setting (F11).

Hi, the style setting is “default style”. to change the font in the footer I select it by clicking on it, then highlight the page number. I then go the the Footer dropdown box and change it to “Calibri”. the size is ok, i previously selected “14pt” which is what I want. Then I SAVE the document. As long as I’m in the document the footer stays on the correct font. When I close the document after SAVING and re open the footer is back to “Times New ROman” font. I have done this about 10 times.