Why does my LibreOffice icon not appear properly on the taskbar in Windows 10 Pro 21H1 (LO v7.3.2.2)?

As mentioned in the subject, my LO icon does not appear correctly on the taskbar (Windows 10 Pro 21H1), merely showing up as a blank icon. It shows up properly from the Start menu, but when I do pin to taskbar, it still appears as a blank icon.


How do I fix this? Thanks!

My guess: you have updated LibreOffice. This is equivalent to a new installation.
The icon looks like a lost icon that has no program association.
Remove the icon from the taskbar.
You can assign a valid icon from LibreOffice to the taskbar via the start menu.
I assume that you know the functionality of your operating system.

Thanks! I did attempt to “re-add” the icon coming from the Start menu through the Pin To Taskbar function, and got the same icon. Is there an alternative way to add it? I also tried to change the icon by right-clicking and selecting Properties but same icon still.

Edit: the individual LO apps Writer, Calc and Impress show the correct icon when I pin them to the taskbar. It’s only the LibreOffice icon that doesn’t show (the one associated to soffice.exe).

Can LibreOffice be started via this icon?

Yes :slight_smile:

Just solved the problem! Went through Explorer instead of the Start menu then right-clicked and pinned to Taskbar from there. Icon shows correctly now.


Thanks still!

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Somewhere old fragments of an earlier LibreOffice version seem to exist. I hope it does not cause any further problems.

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