Why does my page numbering restart at 1 on page 7?

I’m writing a paper which is currently 8 pages long.
I’ve just inserted pagenumbers as I usually do, but this time it does something strange. On what is supposed to be page 6 it says ‘page 1’ and again on page 7 it says ‘page 1’. I assumed it was because page break was somehow on, but it wasn’t. I can’t change it, and I’m a bit stressed out because my paper is due soon…
Hope someone can help me!
(I’m using LibreOffice 4.2 on a Windows 8.1)

Same problem here… I use LibreOffice on openSUSE 13.1 and on Windows 8.1 with document over 280 pages. After pages 1-6 begins page 1-3 and then continues the numbering from pages 8-50 where starts again pages 1-3 and so on up to 280 pages.

Did you insert pages or change the page style anywhere in the document? How did you insert the page numbers?

Is your question related to / a duplicate of Why does the page number on page 3 restart at 1? ?

I got the same problem too. I think this is another bug. It’s no problem if page numbering fail, we can get this back to normal as we expect, with a trick. We need to re-open our document, then all page numbering problems back to normal (page numbering become as normal as it should be).
Before this bug solved, if we need to print our document or export it to PDF, I suggest you to close your document first (with ctrl + W) then open it again.

Totally true, thanks for cue!

Closing and opening solved the problem. However I’ve spent about 20 minutes to solve it, until I started to feel it is bug. Hope it gets ironed out soon!

Unbelievable, I too spent nearly half an hour before reaching this post and solve the issue with a document reload. Bug still in version (build Thank you for the hint.

Still present in (Windows version). I found it by accident and I was figuring what was my mistake, but as I see, it is really a LO bug.

Still present in version for Windows 7.

This problem still presents itself in LBO The page numbers restarted every page break. I’m going to reload LBO to see if it will be solved.

No, reloading did not solve the problem,. Strangely enough, all those pages belong to the Default Page style. The page numbers restart after every level 1 heading. I need a solution - please.

Still not fixed. My document starts on page 13. To be clear, page 1 calls itself page 13.

I solved the problem by deleting the Page Break of the page that has the numbering reset. Then I create a new page break, and all numbering is fine again.