Why does my text sometimes disappear in writer

I am running Linux Mint 14 and Libre Office 3.6.x. For no apparent reason Writer is misbehaving. When I am typing, sometimes bits of text “disappear” but come back if I click the mouse in the right place. If I click the mouse in the wrong place then all of the text on the page “disappears”. What is the right place and what is the wrong place is a matter of guesswork.

Recently I had about three quarters of a page on screen and clicked the mouse at the end of it and it all disappeared. It came back when I clicked at the very top of the page. While it was “disappeared” I selected Page Preview and the text was clearly visible.

The text is clearly being stored in memory OK so the problem I assume lies in the display mechanism.

Can anyone help please. I have used Libre Office and Open Office before that for many years. great suite but this problem is annoying me.

My own answer to my question. I seem to have fixed the problem by using the proprietory nVidia driver for my graphics card instead of the x-org driver. Everything seems to work fine now.

Mariosv, thanks for making the effort to help - I did try your suggestion but it made no difference. So I installed the nVidia driver and all is sorted.

Try playing with the options in Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/View/Graphics output.