Why does "no text wrap" function so poorly?

1st off, do not design web pages that people who are not registered can enter text into thinking they are going to be able to ask a question, you then start out the registration process losing all questions entered before that point.


I have used LibreOffice extensively for the past month. It is very sophmoric in its approach.

No Text wrap function does not work. Select No text wrap, and the text underneath an image still moves dependant on where the graphic is placed. When no text wrap is selected, the text underneath an image should not move at all when the graphic is manipulated.

Unfortunately, this issue makes the program useless for people who format graphic intensive documents.


I will leave it for someone else to answer but sounds like the required option may be that relating to moving text with an image in the image options. You will likely need to edit the question to be clearer about the exact nature of the problem as I am not clear what the problem is. Perhaps provide an example with instructions on how to reproduce the problem.