Why does paper size not change in LibreOffice Draw?

I am starting a new drawing, and the scales above and to the side, within the one cm margins, show 0 to 38 cm wide and 0 to 55.4 cm high. I want to use A4 paper. If I choose Format → Page the Paper Format is given as A4 with the correct A4 dimensions 21 x 29.7 cm. An image inserted on the page has dimensions in accord with the larger size given, i.e. it’s smaller than it would be on A4 paper, suggesting the larger scales are real.

A search for an answer always comes up with Format → Page, which in this case does not work.

Why the discrepancy, and how do i get to use A4 size, which is what I want.


I’m not sure I understand the question, sorry if not. When you change FormatPagePaper Format you have to (un)check Fit object to paper format as you want or not resize the drawing objects so that they fit on the paper format that you select.