Why does setting webview as default remove some features?

After setting web view as default, the title changes to “LibreOffice Writer/Web”, and some features such as comment is missing. Why is that? Here are what in the View menu:
#Normal webview

#Webview by default

“Web View” for a normal text document and “Writer/Web” is not the same. If you have a normal text document and then click on “Web” in menu “View”, it is still a normal text document and you can insert comments. The difference is, that you have no pages, but one large area. This “Web” view is the default setting for form-documents in Base.

This setting is a property of the document. If you like it as default, then take an empty document, set it into “Web” view mode and save it as template. Check “Set as default template” and all new documents will start in “Web” view.

“Web” view is sometimes useful, if you have content in a frame, that is larger as the frame and you want to see it. You do not see header and footer in “Web” view, but they still exists. Because there are no pages, footnotes area collected at the end of the document. Because there are no margins, content from the margin is shifted into the text area.

What’s the difference between “Web View” and “Writer/Web”?

“Set as default template” applies only for creating new documents. How can I do this with existing ones?

It is a document setting, not a setting of the UI. If you open a document, switch to Web View and save the document, then it will open in Web View next time. You might write a macro for switch to Web View and bind it to the “Open Document”-event.

I’ve made the macro, but it’s weird that the document setting isn’t saved as expected. “Load user-specific settings with the document” is already checked in the Settings.

Wrtier/Web is the inbuilt HTML editor of LibreOffice, with HTML as default file format. And because HTML doesn’t support Comment boxes, when you edit or save a document (in HTML format), the comments would get lost, so they are disabled.

Thanks for explaining the difference between viewing a Writer Text Doc as “Web” vs a document saved in the Writer/Web format.

I often start a new LO Writer Text document to take notes during a webinar. Thus I need a small LO window on the side of the webinar window- just big enough to type into, and it needs to wrap the words to the window size. I will later view and work on that document as “Normal” view, but my new docs usually need to start with window wrapping enabled so I can use LO as a narrow window alongside the webinar.

This Solution to set up a doc for Web view (View menu-> Web) and save as a Template (File menu->Templates->Save As Template…) then mark it as the Default for new documents is very helpful, and exactly what I need. Perfect! Now all my new LOW Text docs start life in Web view. It’s working well so far. Saves me from the repetitive behavior of needing to separately set up several documents every day. Thank you.