Why does SUMIF() ignore strings with parentheses?

Why SUMIF() not work as expected?

SUMIF() ignore any strings with parenthesis?
is this a new bug or something?

Version/OS: Libre Office Version: on Ubuntu 14.04

The issue is that parentheses are part of the regular expressions, what can be done?

1- Use a formula like: =SUMPRODUCT(NOT(ISERROR(FIND(C794;$C$2:$C$789)));$D$2:$D$789), FIND() function does not use regular expressions.

2- Using SUBSTITUTE() function to replace in the second parameter of SUMIF() the parenthesis for \parenthesis (\), but are needed at least a couple of SUBSTITUTE() nested, one for open and one for close parenthesis.

3- What Karulus has indicated.

Thank you.
I solve the problem by deactivate regular expression in formula.

Its not a bug.

Deactivate →Tools→Options→Calc→Calculate→→[]allow Regular Expressions in Formulas


Thank you. It solved now.

The array expression {=SUMIF($C$2:$C$789=$C794;TRUE();$D$2:$D$789)} provides another workaround in addition to those “mariosv” listed that looks rather lucid and can easily be adapted if needs change in details.

Unfortunately we have a situation for the moment with the versions 4.x.y where filling array formula ‘Down’ is broken.

Yes, we can copy and paste only to one cell.
Because keyboard combination “Ctrl-Alt-Shit-Enter” gives same value to all cell.

Too much time to paste one-by-one when I actually have some lists of hundreds names.

If you are urgently interested I may offer a workaround fot this ‘FillArrayExpressionUpOrDownMalfunction’ bug saving at least part of the time.