Why does the "3 finger press" only define the first word of the line?

I really use this feature a lot, and it’s irritating to have to create a new line to look up a word, then delete it after getting the definition. It won’t allow me to pick a specific word to define.

Libre Office - English - Writer
Mac OS 10.9.2 - English

What is the keyboard, button, or menu equivalent of your “3 finger press” action?

it’s a Mac unique feature

actually it’s Command+Control+D while hovering over the word or the three finger press

Well I am not sure this is a bug or more an idea for improvement … I don’t use a Mac.

You probably want to post it as a bug providing all the details.
You may also want to check the development page to see if it is something they are already working on. Or you can submit it as an improvement on the crazy idea page.