Why does the drop-down menu and dock disappear?

(submitting question for @greenisgo)

I switched to a full screen view, and the drop down menu disappeared. This meant that I couldn’t save documents in any other format, or access any drop down menu items. How is this reversed?

Also, as I am using a Macbook, the Dock disappeared. So when I click on the Libre Office icon [to attempt to get the LO toolbar up the top] nothing happens. LO does not launch… The only way to get a document opened is via clicking on a file of an .odt doc. However, nothing gives me access to any of the drop-down menu items.

Hi @greenisgo,

Regarding existing Full Screen, it appears that CTRL-SHIFT-J will toggle Full Screen mode, so that might be a handy way for you to use the mode if you can’t access the drop-down menus.

@jorendc – Any hints on the Mac dock problem?

When LO is open, do the “magic-key-looks-like-box-next-to-spacebar” click on the icon and choose Keep in dock. Or drag the application icon there from Applications folder. http://lifehacker.com/5830157/how-to-pin-a-program-to-the-taskbar-or-dock