Why does the install install in the language of my location

I want LibreOffice to display menus, etc. in English. I live in, and my computer is located in, Sweden. I do however not want the GUI to be in Swedish (though I do want Swedish spelling correction to be available). There should be a ‘switch’ for these alternatives in the ‘Advanced’ install (maybe there is but it was not immediately obvious.

Menu/Tools/Options/Language settings/Languages - User Interface

According from the answers above there may be two issues:

a) Installation program runs in Swedish. (I think this can’t be fixed at least I was not successfully doing it).

b) After installation the LibreOffice GUI is in non-English language. GUI language can be changed as mariousv has written.

It’s the highly counter-intuitive way in which the language options work. You can only switch between the languages the installer (either automatic or manual) installed. Usually that takes the UI language from your computer’s locale. So if you only installed Swedish, in order to get the English UI or the Spanish UI, you have to run the installer again. Crazy, I know but it’s some inherited code/process.

Have a look at this step by step guide we wrote (it’s for Gaelic but the process is the same)