Why does the latest version of LibreOffice insist I save new documents in the Documents folder?

I cannot navigate to the folder I want when I first save it. I have version Should I re-install an older version? This was in Writer and in Base.

(offtopic) emm… latest? current still is 5.2.6, and fresh if 5.3.1…

Upgraded to Problem unchanged.

Use ‘save as’. This is what I just tried
select File->save as
Near the top you’ll find the default directory. Change that to be the directory where you want your file to go
Type the name you want for your file in the box further down labeled File name. The default value is untitled 1.

This was on version (Unix)

Have your PATH settings been changed? On my Linux System system the settings are stored in TOOLS > OPTIONS > LIBREOFFICE > PATHS > MY DOCUMENTS. Change the path to point to your desired folder.