Why does this forum requires to write <br> characters to get a new paragraph?

I have been using this ask.libreoffice.org for some time. When I press Enter new paragraph is created, but when I submit the question/answer then I see all of the text is just merged together just like there would be no Enter characters in text. The only work-around I have found (and it is annoying) is to add “br” html code to create a new paragraph. Is this only happening at my browser (Firefox 20.0.1 on Windows XP sp3.) or is this a “bug” in forum?


I am using:

2x Enter = new paragraph (+ spacing)

<br> = new line (line break).

In comments:

2x Shift+Enter = new paragraph (w/o spacing).

Feel free to use → that “playground”.

I am also using a double enter. However, froz is right this even the double enter is cumbersome.

I agree: Vote+1. This is strange use of Enter key, specially for us using LibreOffice Writer. :slight_smile:

@froz - you raised this very valid question. Could you possibly file an enhancement request?

I am not sure if this is simply an anachronism of HTML, but these days most webpages seems to use blank lines to ‘delineate’ paragraphs and yes, it is rather unfortunate. Rather than use the <br /> element I usually just hit ENTER a second time. Inelegant but effective.