Why does Writer Guide pdf vers 6 not have a sidebar Contents?

3rd time I’ve ‘asked’ this. Once before logging in, once after logging in, finally here. It literally takes hours. ctl-c would have been great if I’d known how it all worked . . .


This is not a question. Just feedback on how great the Guides are. They’re really great. For years I’ve really struggled with LibreOffice because of the impossibly structured help system. Libre was always ‘Great features. No idea how to use them’. But now, Wow! Want links? Got links! Want style? Make it a double. The Libre nightmare is Over!

I’m using the Writer Guide pdf version because pdf’s have the greatest feature, the sidebar Contents, which odf’s don’t.

I use vers 5, because it has a sidebar Contents. Vers 6 does not. When the Contents are open they’re not quite as long as the Guide itself. Until they’re collapsed, in which case they’re really short & easy to navigate.

This amazingly easy to read guide needs a Contents to suit. With 20 Chapters & 450 pages the Contents has hundreds of entries. It has entries for each Step of each procedure. So it should be collapsed to the chapter level by default, reflecting the awesome structure of the main document, making the information ‘at your fingertips’

Thanks again, thank you so much. I love my (your) Guide!


can’t answer why PDF document on official website doesn’t show an outline but may be the following hint helps:

Download the ODT Version, open with Writer and File -> Export As -> Export as PDF and create your own version showing the outline.

Tested using LibreOffice:

  Version:, Build ID: 98b30e735bda24bc04ab42594c85f7fd8be07b9c
  CPU threads: 8; OS: Linux 4.12; UI render: default; VCL: kde5;
  Locale: en-US (en_US.UTF-8); UI-Language: en-US, Calc: threaded

And by the way: LibreOffice has Navigator (View -> Navigator or F5 which is also a great tool to navigate (and find) quickly locations in your Writer document. Category Headings is quite the same as an outline on PDF.

Hope that helps.