Why does writer show three page formats when printing?

When I start Writer Version: on Debian 10 with Xfce 4.12, I can open a document to print. I then select File>Printer Settings… This gives me a popup window that shows Printer Setup. I select Photosmart_C3100, which is my default printer. I then select the Properties. I then select Paper Size: Letter Borderless 8.5x11in. I then go to File>Print and get full screen window that shows two other page sizes.

It is all very confusing and frustrating. Making it worse is the Page Layout section that shows Paper Size of User Defined 4.72in x 9.25in. My preferred size is not in the list. Then on the left preview area it shows 8.64 in (User Defined) x 11.14 in.

Who programmed this mess? How can it be fixed? It must printer correctly or it is of no use.

Note that the paper size changes whenever opening the Print dialog window.

This could be a corrupted user prefs issue… Navigate to you LO users prefs in your home directory, make sure you have closed LO and rename the preferences directory. See here on where to find it.


Rename and then restart LO and see if the issue persists.

Yup, still does the same thing. And in version 7 too.