Why doesn't Calc allow me to hide/show rows/columns?

I’ve just installed LibreOffice and tried to use Calc on an existing .xls file. In the file I had some hidden rows. When I opened the file in Calc, I cannot make those rows to be shown. I tried also to hide some visible rows, but that doesn’t work either. I installed LibreOffice_4.0.3_Win_x86.msi.
Please let me know how can I fix this.
All the best!

In the file I have, It doesn’t work with right click on the column header. In a new file, it works. Maybe it’s something related to the Excel file.

It looks like the Excel sheet I was working on it is protected. However, in Excel I can hide/show columns/rows, but not in Libre Calc. Is there a fix for that?

Right click on the column header B, choose Hide. It hides.

Now select columns A and C at the same time, right click on the header, choose Show. B shows up.

This is not too useful when you have hidden the first or last columns.
To unhide column A:
In this case you need to write e.g. A1 to “Name Box” (simply A does not work!). This box is over the first column (at least by default).
Then you can do Format → Column → Show.
(I figured this out from the Internet, but wasted some time in the process.)
It would be much better to also add also e.g. Format → Column → Show specific columns.

Sometimes if you have ‘frozen’ your sheet (so that certain rows/columns always remain visible at the top/left of your screen) then the ‘Show’ function doesn’t work correctly. This is a bug. But it can be worked around by turning off ‘freeze’ (uncheck the option in the menu ‘Window->Freeze’). After that you can show/hide as you wish.

Tested/current as of LO (Ubuntu 12.04)

Signed up just to upvote this answer but not allowed because I have no points…Turning off Freeze worked perfectly in my case.

I had this problem on FEb 25 2019 and this solved for me! Thanks.