Why doesn't Draw (4.4) have a Full-Screen view (F5)?

I use Impress and Draw together to create training materials. Draw is very handy for creating block diagrams and logic schematics, which can then be pasted – either in bitmap, GDI, or original format – onto one or more slides in any Impress presentation. It would be very handy to press Shift-F5 in Draw to view a diagram in progress, as it would look during Slide Show, but this feature is not supported. I have to go through the tedious copy-paste process every iteration, which is time-wasting when you work to meet tight deadlines.

Most media tools out there support Full Screen view. Acrobat, even YouTube, has a full-screen button. IMHO, this should be a core feature for, and would improve consistency between, Impress and Draw.

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