Why doesn't SUMIF take cell data?

=SUMIFS(‘Tailoring Mats’.G:G, ‘Tailoring Mats’.I:I,">K20")

Returns 0 when K20 has 375 in it, but

=SUMIFS(‘Tailoring Mats’.G:G, ‘Tailoring Mats’.I:I,">375")

Returns the correct number.

I’ve tried this on a bunch of other rows and it appears that putting another cell in for the test always returns 0.

The way you wrote the function it checks that the cells have a string greater than the string “K20”. You need to make it check for the value greater than the content of the cell K20.

=SUMIFS('Tailoring Mats'.G:G, 'Tailoring Mats'.I:I,">" & K20)