Why doesn't text change the color of the font?

I was typing a report, when I wanted to change the color of the letter in the sentence or text to blue / red, why still become black without any change in the typing screen, strangely when exporting to pdf then the sentence / text was already blue / red

Maybe this will help you:

Professional text composition with Writer

Alternatively, you can upload a sample file here that shows the problem.

And always save your writer files in ODT format.

t73656.odt (16.0 KB)
Works for me.

It is impossible to give any satisfactory answer due to the lack of information. Though quoting your OS name and LO version is always appreciated, we have absolutely no idea on how you use Writer. This can range from mere mechanical typewriter procedure (i.e. everythin is manual) to professional formatting with styles. Also an important factor is the save variant: native .odt or alien .doc(x).

Please provide more information.

  • See menu item Tools - Options
  • in the left pane, expand and select branch LibreOffice - Accessibility.

The High contrast options to discover OS mode and use automatic color may cause symptoms as described. If ticked, untick.

After altering this setting, LibreOffice may need to be restarted to change behavior.


This just solved a problem I’ve been fighting for an hour now…change tracking has always been disabled. Good catch

LO version
Linux Mint 21
Kernal 5.15.0-53-generic