why doesn't wrap text to window work, where is the switch to turn it on ?

what…?..you mean you dont know the meaning of wrap text to window…?..I am surprised you dont know what wrap text to window means…there are 3 options for windows…minimize window…maximize window…or windowed…this option or feature allows you to change the size of the screen variably…for example if you open any program lets say notepad or wordpad…a window pops up…you can either stretch the window to any size on the screen…by clicking on the corner of the window to stretch it…and as you type…the text automatically fits into the size window that you created…if you stretch out the window…or make the window smaller…the text displayed within the window automatically adjusts the visible text to fit into the window size you created…without having to full screen your window…just about all editing programs do this…it is a basic fundamental feature…if there is no word wrap…then you will not be able to see the whole sentence you typed because the rest of the text is hidden behind the window…you would have to use the scroll bar to see the rest of your text…the only way to see the whole sentence is for you to stretch the window out to full screen…in order to see all the text on the whole page…

libre office does not do this very fundamental feature…if I open writer…and shrink the window for half the screen size so I could have another screen open…I wont be able to see all of my text…because it is not word wrapping…

Please edit your question to give more meaningful details (read theseguidelines). Explain how you ended up with no wrap; is your text entered in a frame or text box? Eventually, attach a screenshot.

What? You mean you can’t read? I’m surprised you didn’t read the answer where you were informed that what you want is a function of primitive text editors, as opposed to documents processor which Writer is.

The options you see in Format>Wrap are instructions for LO Writer as to how text will be set around (or across) object inserted in the middle of the text, like pictures, frames, drawings. The menu is enabled if such an object is selected first. The wrap option is an attribute of the object: text may flow across it, around it, only on one side or none at all (the object has the a margin has wide as the page).

I still don’t understand what you mean by


Is it related to “standard” text? Do you mean you expect text to be only as wide as the current window size? This is not the goal of a document processor. Text is supposed to be set in a “page” with a fixed well-defined size, like A4 or Letter). Writer wraps the text within the page limits. The window is only is view on this page. If it is larger than the page, you have the full view in the window. If it is smaller, the view is clipped to the window size and scrolling bars appear on the bottom and right edges of the window to allow you to navigate to the point of your interest. Usually, automatic scrolling occurs to follow the cursor.

Wrapping text to the window size is a common feature of text editors, usually under user control. Text editors are used to enter program source or to take notes where typographic formatting does not matter. They are not the same kind of tools.

LO Writer is an entry-level desktop publishing (DTP) tool, very powerful document processor.

You must understand the difference between text editors and document processors to choose the right tool for your task and your need.

If this is not the answer you expect, please, edit again your question to clarify or comment on my answer.

a sort of “solution” could be using Web view :slight_smile: