why doesn't writer save the dictionary after updates

Every time that there is an update I loose all words that I have changed etc in the dictionary. Why can’t office just keep the dictionary of the previous version.

Does it come back if you click in the menu Tools > Options > Language Settings > Writing Aids and under the heading of User defined dictionaries, you tick the box labelled Standard [All]? Cheers, Al

What is the dictionary?

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  2. Still the same question: what is the dictionary?

To Earnest Al: Already ticked.
To gabix: Dictionary is UK English

Still the question: what is THE dictionary that you change? Not the language of the dictionary. How do you modify it?

There seems to be changes in your setup during upgrading that I don’t experience in mine. I suggest saving a copy of your User profile somewhere so if you lose your changes then you can copy the appropriate individual folders back, Autocorrect, Autotext, Backups, Templates, Wordbook, Basic (for user macros, etc. Cheers, Al

gabix: The dictionary is the standard Libre one and I just corrected word spelling as per normal.

Earnest Al: Thanks, will try that on the next update.
Cheers, Peter