Why don't all slides load?

Why don’t all the slides load when pulling a power point, even if it is saved in odp format it will only show about 4 - 5 slides at a time. When i scroll down the pp it will show those slides but not the slides between, like going from the first slide to the last on a 70 slide pp. This is very annoying and maybe i am just missing a setting. Any help would be appreciated.

Well i just found out that if i turn off the Anti-Aliasing it loads much faster. To do this open the Tools-Options-LibreOffice-View menu, then deselect the Use Anti-Aliasing under the Graphics Output section. Below is a link to a bug that explains this better than I can.


Bug 47726 - Impress very slow due to antialiasing

Status: NEW

fdo#47726 · Status: RESOLVED WORKSFORME (LibO 4.2.1)

Are the slides hidden from the presentation? Are they listed in the slide-sorter view?

no, they just don’t show up on the slide sorter. They only appear on the slide sorter a few at a time, when i move further in the presentation they appear in that part of the presentation. After a few minutes if i move back to the beginning the first ones all have to load again.

I have 4 gig of memory and a 64 bit I5 processor running at 2.5 gig. It just makes no sense on why it is so SLOW!!!

Another weird thing is it does it on some power points and not others. Would there be a setting in permissions?