Why don't entire Calc charts copy and paste into anything?


I made a chart with some spreadsheet data in Calc. I can select and copy the actual line-chart area into a Writer, but I cannot copy the entire chart with the legends and other information; it pastes in as a blank box.

I tested using Gimp. Copying the entire chart including the legends and trying to control-shift-V in Gimp gives this message:

“There is no image data in the clipboard to paste.”

How to reproduce:

  1. Create chart.
  2. Add legends.
  3. Right-click OUTSIDE the area of the lines/bars/whatever to select the entire chart box.
  4. Select “Copy”.
  5. Attempt to paste elsewhere.

Actually, you don’t need the “export as image” hassle. Just exit the chart editing mode, then select the whole chart object single-clicking it, copy, then paste wherever you want.

@mikekaganski : Good answer! I hadn’t even noticed that the OP had the chart still in edit mode. Thanks.

No, wrong method.

Right click on the chart. Choose Export As Image. Enter a suitable file name, choose your image format and a location to store the image temporarily. Click Save.

Then in your Writer document, click the cursor where you want the image of your chart, from menu Insert → Insert Image, navigate to the location of your image and select it, click Open. The image can be resized and re-positioned using menus and tools.

I believe that all is explained in the LibreOffice documentation.

(Added) See English documentation | LibreOffice Documentation - Your documentation for LibreOffice